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Ecological and Sustainable Antibacterial Copper

Floor and Wall Covering – Furniture Covering

Innovative and Unique in the World Rock or Natural Copper Stone

Floor and Wall Covering – Furniture Covering

Exclusive Architecture Cladding

Floor and Wall Covering – Furniture Covering

Special Projects Gold, Silver, Copper Oxide, Copper Sulfide

Floor and Wall Covering – Furniture Covering

Properties and Benefits

Antibacterial Copper

Its use in architecture refers to the construction of gutters in ancient Egypt and the current trend of use is for Bio-Safe buildings due to its antibacterial, fungal and anti-bacterial properties against the most common pathogens.

Exclusivity and Sustainability

Unique In The World – Unprecedented Product In The Architectural Market – Invention Patent – Each Unit Is Exclusive
Excellence In Colors – Spontaneous And Natural Antibacterial – Luxury Oriented Coating – Natural Rock – Durability

Additional benefits

  • Added value to Chilean copper.
  • Low economic impact of the project in which it is involved.
  • Feeling of well-being, that is, a clean and sanitized place, will be frequented much more regularly than one that is dirty.
- Custone

Architecture and Uses

Architecture Cladding

  • Furniture Cover Plates.
  • Palmetas For Floors And Walls
    Bathrooms, Kitchens, Hall, Facades, Etc.
  • Natural Rustic Rock Walls.
  • Polished Surfaces.
  • Flexible formats.
  • Easy installation.
  • Variety Of Designs And Colors According To Mine
    Special Projects (Natural Gold, Silver, Copper Sulfide, Copper Oxide Rock Coatings).

Data sheet

  • Country of Origin: Chile.
  • Source mine: variable.
    Composition: copper oxide, copper sulfide, gold, silver.
  • Color: earth tones with turquoise green.
  • Structure: rock or natural copper stone.
  • Presentation: Plates or palmetas.
    Format type: 60 x 120 cms (more formats according to orders).
  • Thickness: 2 cm to 5 cm, depending on format.
  • Color of the plate: Homogeneous.
  • Surface finishes: polished and rustic.
    Percentage of mineral grade: variable.
  • Installation type: similar granites, porcelains and ceramics.
  • Glue: adhesive type DA paste.

Design and Construction

  • Architectural Design and Modulation.
  • Exclusive Design Bathrooms and Kitchens.
  • Construction of designs.
  • Project development.

Images and Origin


The origin of Copper comes from leaks of magma through the earth’s crust which, when cooled, release fluids that precipitate metals, including copper, gold, silver, etc.

Copper oxide


Copper Sulfur

Other type Copper

Usage Modes


Counters, floors and walls covers


Vanitorium cover, shower floor, walls, Jacuzzi, etc.


Walls and floors in Hall, facades, etc.


We use the Copper Marble for the table of our restaurant, it really was very beautiful and very hygienic.

-Patricia Fernandez

We use the Copper Marble for the Bathroom of our Boutique hotel, clients have been fascinated by the novelty of the material.

-Roberto Morande

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